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Blogging about testing in microservices, mostly about contract testing

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Welcome to the Pactman Consulting blog

My name is Lewis Prescott, I'm a seasoned QA Lead with experience at ASOS, Cancer Research UK & a couple of healthcare startups (ZAVA & Cera Care). My aim is to inspire and educate people about contract testing, through sharing my experience, code examples and stuff I've read about. I believe in a microservices world, contract testing is the route to continuous deployment.

In my spare time I like to speak at meetups, conferences and on podcasts. Recently I have appeared on Ministry of Testing TestSphere Roulette podcast and also run a 99 minute workshop on contract testing. My passion is to teach, previously I've taught 9-11 year olds how to code with HTML & Python, I believe the next generation will all know how to code.

Contract Testing with Pact

My tool of choice is ( which I've tried to integrate in to each company I work with. It's a great tool and has a great community. I'm very excited about the release of PactNet 4.0.0 (currently in beta) with support for messaging which will bring contract testing to asynchronous microservices!! Super excited

Testing in microservices

My aim is to educate people in the art of testing within a microservices environment. Allowing you to deploy with confidence! Do you know how to start implementing contract testing in your next project?

If you want to learn more. Please let me know your questions by leaving a comment, or sign up to my mini course.

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